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Kent State University students have located one of the clandestine burials (dark oval stain)
and have brushed away the fallen leaves that had partially obscured it.

The team has put crime scene tape around the area and prepares to begin excavation.
Some of the pig bones are visible, as well as some scraps of ‘the victim’s’ clothing.
Students uncover left and right limb bones that appear to have been tied together by a wire ligature.
In the lab the foot bones are laid out in anatomical position to determine if any are missing.
Bullet holes in one ‘victim’s’ clothing are discovered in the lab, after washing the fabric.
Sharp trauma from a knife is observed on a rib bone.
A massive gunshot wound to the pelvis is observed.
A gunshot wound to a rib is observed.
Two gunshot wounds to the scapula are observed.